The POKit seen here was designed for a class during my senior year called 2.739 Product Design and Development.  It was a great opportunity because it combined engineering students with MBA students and RISD students to form a single product development team.  As part of the class, there was a team and idea selection process to determine what you would work on and with whom.  As a twist, two of the team ideas were sponsored, one by Segway and another by a non profit organization.

I ended up on the Segway team which turned out to be an incredible opportunity.  We visited their factory in New Hampshire, got to talk directly with their engineers and they also let our team have one of their new Segway i2s for the semester.  I dont care how dumb I looked riding that thing around campus, it was awesome.

Our group task was to design an accessory that would carry a box of a specific size and weight on the Segway.  We did a lot of testing to determine the optimum placement of the load.  Our final product was a simple slide-in retrofit for the handlebars.  The POKit system had a molded fiberglass tub that held the package while maintaining all of the maneuverability needed to control the machine.