I started building this hovercraft in the summer of my sophomore year in high school.  It took about 2 years and 400 hours to complete.  It was a solo project that introduced me to fiberglass layup, aero fabric covering systems, welding/brazing and even HVLP paint spraying.

The design is based off of a SEVTEC Vanguard with a 14′ length and a 25hp kohler engine.  There are two props, a 24″ fan for lift and a 60″ prop in the rear for thrust.  I really decked the boat out with features but it has never quite worked 100%.  Everytime I fix an issue another one pops up.  It’s like the project that never dies and takes up a full garage space for 10 years.  BUT, it is fun out on the water and a very unique ride.